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About Us

Our Goals

We help brands maximize their potential through our expertise, technology, focus, and scale that we have built with dozens of brands over the past eight years. We provide complete strategy, management, and operational services to brands selling on Amazon, allowing our partners to focus on other business needs.

Our headquarters and the development center are located in Minsk, Belarus – a beautiful business-friendly city, full of talented technical experts. Our company has also a business office in New York, close to the hottest e-commerce ecosystem in the USA.

Our history


Working closely with our e-commerce customers, we realized we have to triple down on the innovation regarding personalization. So, we kicked off the business development and create the additional value for brands – Amazon SEO optimization, PPC management and etc.


Our clients feel confident knowing they have dedicated, consistent teams working on their campaigns, with account managers who know their business inside and out and continue to deliver results.


Founded as Amazon search engine marketing agency (SEM) in 2014, B4Agency has grown alongside shifting client needs in an ever-changing digital landscape, to develop expertise in E-commerce Analytics.

24 Emolyees

12 Clients

14k Listings

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