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Brand Protection

Seller Interactive puts up the necessary protection needed to prevent your listing from common nuisances. This includes counterfeit products, unauthorized sellers, fake reviews, and more.

Regardless of whether or not your brand is sold on Amazon, Amazon brand protection is needed for the longevity of your business. At B4, we take action to make sure your brand is protected and put a stop to unauthorized Amazon sellers and counterfeiters who try to undercut your business.

– Ensure MAP Compliance
– 24/7 Monitoring & Protection
– Removing Unauthorized Sellers

We offer a broad set of brand protection services that can help brand owners catch violations of their resale price policies and address many of the other types of threats their brand might encounter online. 

Real Attorneys, Not Software

B4 gives you control of your digital shelf space by removing illegitimate product listings and blocking rogue sellers from making false and inconsistent claims. By controlling your digital shelf, you can ensure consumers will have a consistently optimal experience with your brand.

B4 Agency provides key services required to regain control of your brand’s Amazon presence, keep it protected, and drive substantive growth.

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