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Amazon launches five fully-electric HGVs in the UK

The new 27-tonne vehicles will operate from Amazon’s fulfilment centres in Tilbury and Milton Keynes. They are the online retailer’s first fully electric HGVs in Europe.

Amazon has chosen DAF’s CF Electric model, which has a 350kWh battery pack and a maximum range of 155 miles. The model is also fitted with regenerative brakes; when the driver brakes, an electric motor works as a generator that produces energy for storage in the battery pack. This boosts range and makes the brakes more hard-wearing.

The new trucks will be replacing five diesel trucks, so Amazon is expecting a 170-tonne reduction in its annual greenhouse gas emissions footprint due to their implementation. Its Tilbury and Milton Keynes sites are already served by 100% renewable electricity, meaning this is what will be used to charge the HGVs. Amazon has installed 360kW fast charging points at the sites to serve the new vehicles.

Building on the introduction of the five DAF CF Electrics, Amazon is planning to add another nine fully-electric HGVs to its UK fleet by the end of 2022.

Sharing the news on LinkedIn, Amazon’s head of sustainability external engagement Ella Mason said: “Five years ago, I clearly remember sitting in a manufacturing policy roundtable where I sat through a whole presentation about why HGVs would never be fully electric.

“Roll on five years, and we have put our first five fully electric HGVs in to our UK fleet this week. Think big.”